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I am posting here, although I still am unsure about the wisdom in it. But hello.

My name is Alex. I am not necessarily new here, but new to the community. I met a few of you before. I just wanted to say hello. I wanted to let you know that I am around, if you wish to chat.

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Come on, let's not be dead.

Quick, tell me all your favorite movies and classes!

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yay! he's back!!

i miss this. let's try it again.

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*is brave*

Hello viewers!

Just a quick note to tell you that I'm well on my way to being dead/fried for the semester. It's not a pretty sight.

So. For that matter, I'm suggesting another thing similar to Pacie's Movie Night! This will be Nix's Game Night. Cards! Board Games! Blankets! Cheap Junk Food! SceneIt... and other media games.

Come one, come all. My room (that is, room 333) will be open. And warm, because I can't stand the cold weather. Tonight???

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Xposted from my journal.

Allo, all. It's almost Halloween! Are you excited? I am.

And in honor of this fact, I'm watching as many horror movies as I can stand (or have time enough for) tonight, starting around 7:30. All are welcome to show up. If you have movies, bring them with you! I'll have all sorts of junk food and things around. (And probably some not-so-junky food too.) If you can't come at 7:30 but want to come later, meh, whenever you want to wander in is good.

But I'm in room 139, and the door will be unlocked, if not open. I'm friendly. I don't bite. (Don't let Sin tell you differently.) And movies and hanging out are good.

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Kay. So I'm taking Current Events. There's this new professor - I thought he was nice, at first.

Then the homework siege happened. Is anyone else here taking his class? If you are, you'll know what I mean. (Or maybe he's just picking on me.)

Either way, my social life is dead. (That's why I've been quiet, if anyone's been wondering.)

Help? Please?

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I'm just dropping in to say hello to all you lovely students out there. I'm Nisha, one of the Theatre professors. Yes, I don't look old and curmudgeonly. No, I'm meaner than I look. Hahahah.

Anyway. Just saying hi. And if you'd like to, my door's almost always open. Sifu* Building. Just look me up.

* Sifu means Teacher in Cantonese. See here.

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here we go again. let's see if it happens.

location: shay's dorm room, tonight.
premise: well, we're going to have them talk and maybe it'll lead to something. and maybe it won't. ah... who knows?

nix: *is all antcy and not really paying attention to anything shay is saying* *sighs*

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Avery wanders around the common room, getting things ready. The posters she put out said that the party would start at 3:00, but she wants to be ready ahead of time. The decorations are low-key but festive, and there are various food dishes on a table.

(OC: I might not be able to respond as often as I want to because of parents, but I will try. Welcome to the party!)

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Um. Hi. My name's Aralyn, and I'll be going to KSA this fall.

I just wanted to post and try to get to know some people before I'm there.

So. Yeah. Hi.

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la vie boheme -- rent soundtrack
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